Flo B’s 102nd Birthday!

Last Friday my heart skipped a beat. I missed Flo Bucheneau’s 102nd Birthday Party. Somehow I failed to get the party date in my calendar. I had her birthday correct. It was Friday. But the party was Thursday. So when a day late I bent down on one knee to get eye-level with Flo - she hit me with one of her classic never to be forgotten quips: “Where were you? We ran out of wine.”

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It’s His ‘Body of Work’

Oh, what’s a wait of 47 years among friends? Ed Thompson of Horseshoe Bay filled the span profitably enough with the “routine” job of professional tennis player. But this story concerns his more-recent days with the T-shirt off—not on.

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Rains Force Road Closings: Wirtz Dam Flood Gates Opened

Residents of Llano County should watch out for higher water levels this week.

Water levels in the Llano River and the Highland Lakes will continue to be higher than normal as additional rain is expected to continue this week. On Tuesday night, the Lower Colorado River Authority partially closed Lake LBJ from Horseshoe Bay to Wirtz Dam and disallowed the use of watercraft.

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The Church at Horseshoe Bay men honor the women of both HSB churches

The Church at Horseshoe Bay’s Men of Faith organization hosted a Fish Fry in honor of two women’s church groups this past Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Special invitations went out to the members of the protestant Women of the Word (WOW) and the catholic Women Working in Communion and Spirit (WWICS). These two women’s groups along with their spouses enjoyed a fabulous dinner of fresh deep fried fish, corn on the cob, cole slaw and hush puppies with all the trimmings included. Dessert was delicious peach cobbler. Iced tea and water were also available. The thirteen tables of eight places each were brightly decorated with patriotic colors. The seating plan had catholic guests mixed evenly with protestant members.

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Callahan 'disappointed' in state supreme court ruling

The funding formula for public education in Texas stands.

The state supreme court on Friday upheld the constitutionality of funding for public education in a 9-0 decision in which the court opinion also called the financing system "a recondite scheme for which the word 'Byzantine' seems generous." However, the court ruled that despite its imperfections, the funding system meets the minimum requirements set out in the state constitution.
Llano ISD Superintendent Casey Callahan said he was "disappointed" with the state supreme court's ruling.

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